Taylor Swift Bucket List: 30+ Things Every Swiftie Should Do

Calling all fellow Swifties! Do you want to prove that you are the ultimate Taylor Swift fan? Then you are going to love this bucket list! I am sharing all the Tay-tastic must-do things for any TS enthusiast.

So, if you are feeling a little Blank Space in your life, Shake it Off by checking everything off my Taylor Swift Bucket List. 

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Swiftie Things to Do

1. Bake Taylor’s Chai Sugar Cookies

Taylor Swift whips up more than chart-topping hits—she’s got a sweet side too! In 2014, during the 1989 Secret Sessions, she whipped up chai cookies for her fans. The response? Fans went crazy for them! 

Taylor, being the generous soul she is, spilled the cookie beans on Tumblr, sharing the recipe inspired by Joy the Baker’s sugar cookie magic. Now, thanks to this online website, you and fellow Swifties can bake up your own batch of Taylor’s chai cookies.

For the full recipe, you can check out Joy the Baker’s Taylor Swift Chai Sugar Cookies.

2. Buy some Taylor Merch

From classic tees to limited-edition concert souvenirs, Taylor’s merch game is strong. You can always find the latest Taylor Merch on her official website, however, if you’re seeking past era gems, you can go to sites Amazon or eBay. And don’t count out the unique fan-made treasures from Etsy (I like these Taylor Swift Eras Polaroid Postcards and this 1989 Tee!)

3. Listen to EVERY Taylor Swift Song

With a playlist as vast as Taylor’s talent (243 songs to be exact, and more coming from her soon-to-be-released album “The Tortured Poets Department”), your musical journey might take a little bit of time..

From the twangy roots of “Love Story” to the pop symphony of “All Too Well (10-Minute Version),” prepare to rediscover hidden gems and belt out your favorites at the top of your lungs.

P.S. And if you’re feeling confident in your Swiftie song knowledge, hit shuffle on that Taylor playlist. Can you match the tune to its title?

Listen to Taylor's Songs

4. Make Bracelets

The recent bracelet craze at her ongoing Eras Tour became a way for Swifties to not only connect with each other, but also celebrate their shared love for Taylor Swift and her music.

Craft your own using embroidery floss or friendship bracelet kits, with era-specific designs and lyric quotes from your favorite songs. Who knows, maybe you’ll find new friends to share or trade them with at her next concert! (Check out sites like Pinterest or Etsy for endless inspiration.)

If you want to get your bracelet-making party started see Pop Sugar’s How to Make Eras-Style Friendship Bracelets. If you aren’t crafty you can just buy some (these ones are cute!).

5. Watch EVERY Taylor Swift Music Video

Are you ready for an epic video marathon? Taylor Swift has made a whopping 61 music videos, and guess what? She directed 13 of them herself! From “Bad Blood” to the vibrant world of “ME!,” each video is like a mini adventure you won’t want to miss. 

Watch EVERY Taylor Swift Music Video

6. Decode the hidden message for each Taylor Swift song 

Channel your inner detective and crack the secret codes hidden in Taylor’s first five albums! Grab your magnifying glass (or reading glasses, whichever you prefer ) and decipher the capitalized letters scattered throughout each lyric booklet.  These sneaky letters, once untangled, will reveal a secret message – can you uncover them all? 

7. Watch the Eras Tour Concert Movie

Didn’t manage to snag tickets to the Eras Tour? Don’t worry, me neither! The concert movie is your chance to witness the spectacle from the comfort of your couch. Sing along, dance like nobody’s watching, and relive the nostalgia of every era, from “Fearless” to “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

You can rent the movie for $19.89 (a reference to her 1989 album) from streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Apple, and Vudu. It will also be available to stream on March 15 on Disney+.

8. Go to a Live TS Concert

If you haven’t experienced the electrifying energy of a Taylor Swift concert, put it at the top of your bucket list! The atmosphere, the singalongs, the pure joy – it’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. But, start saving those dollars (it can be expensive) and be ready for the ticket wars!

9. Read a Book About Taylor

While there are currently no official biographies authorized by Taylor herself, there are many books available that analyze her music, career, and cultural impact. From critical examinations to analyses of specific eras, delve into these literary companions to deepen your appreciation for Taylor’s artistry:

Even though Taylor hasn’t released an official biography, there are tons of cool books out there about her music, career, and how she’s influenced culture. You can find books that talk about her songs, her journey in the music world, and even how she’s changed things up over the years. 

So, if you want to learn more about Taylor and her awesome music, these books are a must-read:

10. Dress Up Like Taylor

From sparkly dresses on award nights to cozy cardigans and cable-knit sweaters, Taylor’s fashion sense is as versatile as her music. Channel your favorite era or recreate an iconic music video look. Bonus points for mastering her signature red lip!

P.S. Want to dive deeper into Taylor’s fashion evolution? Check out the book Taylor Swift: And the Clothes She Wears” by Terry Newman.

11. Hang a Taylor Swift Poster in Your Room

No Swiftie’s room is complete without a Taylor Swift poster (or ten!). Surround yourself with your favorite photos, lyrics, or album art. It’ll be the perfect source of inspiration whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Plus, imagine waking up to Tay-Tay’s radiant smile every morning?

12. Have a Taylor Swift Sleepover

Gather your tribe of Swifties for a fun Taylor-themed sleepover that goes beyond music. Deck out the space in fairy lights, cozy up in Swiftie merch, and do some Taylor trivia. Dive into the emotional rollercoaster of her lyrics and perhaps even attempt to write your own Taylor-inspired song. 

13. Put on Your TS Concert and Only Sing Taylor’s Songs

Remember that epic Taylor concert you went to (or dream of going to)? Recreate the magic at home. Blast your favorite live concert recording, grab your microphone (or a hairbrush!), and sing your heart out to every song. If you’re up to the challenge, move along with some of her iconic dances as well!

Put on Your TS Concert and Only Sing Taylor's Songs

14. Eat One of Taylor’s Favorite Meals

We all know Taylor loves chicken tenders, but her taste buds go beyond that. Channel your inner chef and whip up one of her other favorites – like her go-to breakfast of buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and topped with fried egg, or a classic cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake.

Favorite Meal Cheeseburger

15. Go to One of Taylor’s Favorite Places in the World

If you have the chance, visit one of Taylor’s favorite spots. Walk the historic streets of Nashville, Tennessee, the city that launched her country music career. Channel your inner city explorer in New York City, just like she did in her song “Cornelia Street.” Or, for a touch of international flair, head to London, a place she’s affectionately nicknamed “Fundon.”

16. Binge Watch One Of Her Favorite Shows

Need a break from singing along? Curl up on the couch and watch one of Taylor’s favorite shows. Whether it’s the drama of Grey’s Anatomy or the laughs of The Office, discover why these shows make it onto Taylor’s must-watch list. Who knows, you might even discover a new favorite tv series alongside your favorite artist.

Binge Watch TV

17. Wear Her Favorite Color for the Day (Purple)

Get ready to feel like a superstar and embrace the color of royalty – purple! Whether you rock a head-to-toe lavender outfit or add a pop of color with a sparkly purple purse, it’s a fun way to show your Swiftie pride. Plus, with so many shades of purple to choose from, you can find one that perfectly reflects your unique style.

Wear Purpule

18. Memorize the Lyrics to One of Her Songs

Every true Swiftie knows the power of singing out a Taylor song at the top of their lungs. Whether it’s the iconic bridge of “Love Story” or the heartbreaking anthem of “All Too Well,” mastering a song’s lyrics is a badge of honor and rite of passage (plus, it’s a guaranteed karaoke crowd-pleaser).

19. Listen to ALL of Taylor Swift’s Albums

From the country twang of her self-titled debut to the synth-pop beats of “1989” and beyond, immerse yourself in the evolution of Taylor’s sound. Prepare to be surprised by forgotten favorites and rediscover the magic of each era.

TIP: Grab some tissues for the emotional rollercoaster, especially during the “Red” era.

20. Make the Ultimate Taylor Playlist

Forget about struggling to choose what songs to include in your playlist. Now is the moment to create the perfect Taylor Swift mix: a blend of different types of songs that show off all her talents. From sad songs for late nights to upbeat ones for feeling powerful, combine your favorite of Taylor’s music into a playlist that reflects all the sides of your Swiftie spirit. 

21. Learn to Play a TS Song on Guitar or Piano

Unleash your inner musician and learn the chords behind your favorite Taylor jams. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you can strum out “Back to December” on your acoustic guitar or master the delicate piano intro of “Wildest Dreams.”  Who knows, maybe you’ll even impress Taylor herself someday (hey, a Swiftie can dream!)

Learn to Play a TS Song on Guitar or Piano

22. Learn Her Dance Moves to One of Her Songs

Shake it off (literally!) by learning some of Taylor’s signature dance moves. From the playful twirls of “Shake It Off” to the dramatic arm gestures in “Blank Space,” mastering her choreography is a fun way to pay homage to her artistry and get your groove on.

learn a dance

23. Go to Olive Garden on Tuesday Night

For a truly No Body, No Crime experience, grab your best friend and head to Olive Garden on a Tuesday night (a subtle nod to the lyric, of course).  Who knows, you might just spark up a conversation with a fellow Swiftie over endless breadsticks and fettuccine Alfredo.

24. Watch a Dozen (or More!) TS Interviews

From her early days on CMT to her recent Vogue covers, dig deep into the world of Taylor Swift through interviews that reveal the woman behind the lyrics. You’ll discover songwriting insights, hilarious anecdotes, and maybe even a tear or two (we all cried during the Miss Americana doc, admit it).

25. Learn About Her Childhood

Ever wonder how a small-town girl from Pennsylvania became a global superstar? Dive into Taylor’s childhood. Learn about her early musical influences, her theater days, and maybe even discover the hidden Easter eggs about her younger years sprinkled throughout her albums.

26. Know Her Career Stats

True Swifties know Taylor’s discography like the back of their hand, but can you recite every award win and chart-topping hit? Dive deep into her career stats – 10 studio albums, 14 Grammy wins, a staggering 68 weeks atop the Billboard 200 as of December 2023 (as a solo artist), and a whole lot of other highlights. Impress your fellow Swifties with your knowledge (and maybe even win a trivia night or two!).

27. Follow Taylor on ALL her Social Media Accounts

Stay up-to-date on the latest Tay-Tay tea. From behind-the-scenes glimpses to cryptic song hints, following her social media (yes, even TikTok!) is a must for any dedicated Swiftie.  Just remember, don’t be a lurker – leave a comment, share a meme, and let the world know you’re part of the fandom family!

28. Delve Into the Meaning Behind Her Lyrics of Your Favorite Song

We all have that one Taylor Swift song that speaks directly to our soul.  Take a deep dive into the lyrics and analyze the metaphors and storytelling magic. You might be surprised by the hidden messages and personal experiences that inspired the song.

29. Watch the Movie Valentine’s Day

Calling all rom-com lovers!  Catch Taylor on the big screen in the 2010 movie “Valentine’s Day.”  See her character (Felicia) navigate the complexities of love on the most love-filled day of the year.  It’s the perfect excuse to grab some popcorn, swoon over some classic rom-com moments, and see a younger Taylor Swift grace the screen.

30. Take the Ultimate Taylor Trivia Quiz (or make your own!)

There’s a reason they call us Swifties – we know our Tay-lore! But how well do you really know her? Test your Swiftie knowledge with a fun online quiz (like this one), or get creative and whip up your own. Include some tricky song references, obscure album details, and maybe even a “guess the era based on the aesthetic” round for a truly epic challenge.

31. Give Back to an Organization that She Supports

Feeling inspired by Taylor’s endless well of kindness?  Here’s your chance to join the ranks of her honorary girl squad! Pick a cause she cares about, whether it’s fighting for LGBTQ+ rights with GLAAD or supporting sick children with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Volunteer your time, donate what you can, or get creative and organize a Swiftie bake sale (Red Velvet cupcakes, anyone?). Remember, even the smallest act of generosity can make a big difference, and you’ll be channeling your inner Taylor in the best way possible.

So there you have it, Swifties! This Taylor Swift bucket list is your roadmap to Tay-Tay bliss. From baking cookies to learning about her childhood, each step is a chance to connect with her music and her story on a deeper level. So crank up the tunes, let loose, get ready to write your own chapter in the ever-growing story of Taylor Swift fandom!

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Bucket List: 30+ Things Every Swiftie Should Do”

  1. What an absolutely Tay-mazing bucket list for Swifties! From baking up some chai sugar cookies to mastering Taylor’s dance moves, every item on this list is like a love letter to Taylor’s incredible journey and the bond she shares with her fans. It’s not just about being a fan; it’s about embracing a whole world of creativity, friendship, and pure Taylor Swift magic. I’m definitely feeling inspired to dive into this list headfirst and make some unforgettable memories along the way! Who’s ready to join me on this Swiftie adventure?

    • Couldn’t agree more! This bucket list is truly a celebration of all things Taylor Swift and the amazing connection she has with her fans. Count me in for this Swiftie adventure! Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime while immersing ourselves in the magic of Taylor’s journey.


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