Annette Norway Alta Ice Hotel

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel: The Coolest Ice Stay in Northern Norway

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is in the arctic wilderness of Northern, Noway. Northern Lights potential with a stay in this…

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Annette White: A Unique Home Stay in Norway with Sami Reindeer Herders

A Home Stay Tour in Norway with a Native Sámi Reindeer Herder

In Arctic Norway there's a unique home stay tour with a native Sami reindeer herder. Stay in his cabin &…

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Northern Lights

Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigruten

Norway's Northern Lights s nature’s dramatic display and one of the best ways to see the Aurora Borealis is on…

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Annette White Snow Hiking with Hurtigruten in Hammerfest Norway

Go Snow Hiking in Northern Norway

Winters in Norway are for snow hiking; a chilly trek through Russia's border town of Kirkenes and a polar expedition…

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Reindeer North Cape Nordkapp Norway

Eat Reindeer in Northern Norway.

I had always believed that reindeer were fictional characters who pulled Santa's sleigh, delivering gifts to all the nice girls…

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Annette White Dog Sledding in Tromso Norway

Go Dogsledding in Tromsø in Northern Norway

You could hear the dogs before you could see them. We were about to go dogsledding, about twenty minutes from…

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